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Jennifer Finney Boylan, She’s Not There


Jennifer Finney Boylan, She’s Not There

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“She hates me!  Bonnie hates me…!”

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#characters who are apparently not in love
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Hi. I saw you ship Caroline/Bonnie and I wonder if you knew some (good) baroline fanfics? 

Truth: Caroline/Bonnie is a neglected ship.

It hurts me so much that most of the time I can only take comfort in (flawless) analysis of their scenes, rather than fiction exploring what show refuses to. :c I mean, there’s my number one giving me life, FAVORITEZIPPER ONLY WRITING THE GREATEST THING IN ALL CREATION, BB VAMPIRE AND BB WITCH AS MERMAIDS AND PRINCESSES IN LOVE. It is flawless and dark and sexy and perfect and I about cried when it came into existence it is so beautiful! And I will pimp this until I die! But here are some other otp fic/etc I’ve managed to find and cling to pathetically. Hopefully this might inspire more otp sharing and love!

  • forgive me, my first love, but i am tired; eenaangel [ x ]
    there’s a reason caroline knows exactly what bonnie’s lip gloss tastes like
  • these memories; angryzen [ i ] [ ii ] [ iii *sobs* ] 
    bonnie’s attempt to comfort caroline cross a threshold in their friendship
    (definitely nsfw) 
  • it was you; angryzen [ x
    a scared caroline goes to a drunk bonnie
  • the fort; angryzen [ x
    neither bonnie nor caroline want to face the real world
    (sequel to above’s it was you
  • fragments of a life; mfirefly10 [ x ]
    this was the last time she would let caroline talk her into anything so foolish. especially while she was naked
  • stowaway hearts; cassiehayes [ x ]
    caroline teaches her how to be a cheerleader and somewhere along the way, bonnie falls hard 
  • lost love; ovariesofsteel [ x ]
    my love, remember this: you’ll always be the one I miss 
  • lie for the ones we love; bigbrasskey [ x ]
    "you didn’t tell me," caroline said, and she could hear the serrated edge in her own voice. 
  • parting gifts; razycrandomgirl [ x ] 
    nothing can stop us now
    (i adore this because it has some very dark subtext going on; this fic explores what vampire!caroline and witch!bonnie are, but in the end it’s all about caroline and bonnie so for them it will be okay - even in the darkest, most brutal sense - and that’s all i care about!)


  • criminal intent; magalimoon [ x ]
    in which bonnie and caroline are cons-cum-supernatural crime fighters 
  • i died so i could haunt you; opheliahyde [ x ] 
    we did what we could to save this car from crashing


  • magalimoon [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
  • favoritezipper [ x ]
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#my giiiiiirls #this sceeene #this scene hurts me on so many levels #and yet i love it #i love it so much #i have so much headcanon for this moment #it’s just a deeply emotional moment for both of them #caroline is flipping out and thinks her best friend hates her #and bonnie has just found out that her best friend has not only turned into a vampire but killed someone #caroline who is probably the sweetest person bonnie knows has just killed someone#and bonnie cannot handle that kind of cognitive dissonance right now #(i also think this is the moment when bonnie realizes just how much caroline means to her) 
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